Slow Motion Video Booth

slow motion video booth

Add the WOW factor to your next event.

The slow motion photo booth is a different kind of fun than a traditional photo booth by capturing 10 second movie clips using a high quality super slow motion (high frame rate) camera. We then edit these clips into a 2-3 minute video montage. This is one of the best ways to remember everyone that got to share in your special day and imagine how fun it will be to watch back over the footage in 20 years time.

slow motion video still

Good times last longer in Slow Mo.

The slow motion photo booth is not just for wedding receptions, but is also great for christmas parties, work functions, birthday parties and more. As long as you have a group of people that want to have a good time, your slow motion photo booth will be a hit.

Advanced slow mo and video stills technology.

Our slow motion photo booth captures such a clear image that you can take stills straight from the video footage, giving you both still images and moving footage from the slow motion photo booth. We record at an amazing 240 frame rates per second (Super Slow). Our booth consists of a black or white backdrop, with professional grade lighting and plasma screens for slow motion video playback.

Rentals Start at: $2500