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Sifi Entertainment is a company that rents LED screens and other equipment in the Orlando, FL, area. We offer state-of-the-art equipment for hire at affordable prices. Our video engineers can assist you with anything from remote support to setup. We cover various events, including weddings, concerts, Speaking engagements, trade shows, conferences, and celebrations. LED screens at your event make it more memorable by giving it a great background. We also offer live-stream and live-feed services. We also provide LED wall rental in Orlando, FL. You can choose among different colors and sizes according to your needs.

LED Screen Rental for Distinctive Videos

Not all suppliers are created equal when it comes to digital screens. At Sifi Entertainment, we pride ourselves on being an innovative leader in the lighting and entertainment industry. Our reputation has been built by providing functional environments for a wide range of events, including corporate gatherings, conferences, concerts, parties, trade shows, sports games, and fashion shows. We offer LED wall rental screens in a variety of shapes and sizes that are suitable for any venue or project type. Choose Sifi Entertainment for the best and brightest digital screen experience.

Outdoor LED Screens

Outdoor screens make the event more impressive. It gives a high-quality look to the video and provides a unique background for your event. It is commonly used for outdoor events such as grand openings, concerts, weddings, etc. LED screens have higher luminosity than regular screens making them easily visible in the sunlight. Contact Sifi Entertainment for LED screen rental in Orlando.

Indoor LED Screens

Indoor LED screens are used for live performances, conferences, seminars, and corporate events. This can be used in churches, auditoriums, gymnasiums, and other venues. Our staff will help you set up your screen and other video equipment. You can hire LED walls instead for large events with many visitors.

Large LED Screens

This equipment is commonly used for large events like concerts, conferences, and movie premiers. It can be used indoors or outdoors. They make the event more colorful. You might need an LED wall for significant events with many people in attendance. The LED wall ensures all guests can see the screen. Sifi Entertainment provides LED wall rental services in Orlando. Our qualified staff helps all clients set up the giant LED wall. The experience will impress your guest and make the experience unforgettable.

Mobile LED Screens

It is easily placed for any event, like corporate meetings, concerts, trade shows, and other special events. The mobile LED screens are often attached to the back of trucks or trailers. They are ideal for public events such as road shows, promotions, etc. You can also hook your LED wall on the back of your trailer for public events.

Advantages Of Hiring an LED Screen

LED screens offer superior image clarity that is difficult to match. Equipped with integrated projection technology, bright LED lights, and high-quality display, our screens deliver an exceptional visual experience. Opting for an LED screen rental in Orlando, Florida is an excellent decision for various events such as trade shows, movie screenings, and sporting events. Skilled audiovisual experts can create a bright and captivating LED wall design. At Sifi, we provide top-notch equipment and services at reasonable prices.

For a dependable LED screen rental for your upcoming Orlando, FL event, look no further than Sifi Entertainment. Our clients appreciate our top-quality products, adaptable services, and affordability. Our team of experts will guide you in selecting the perfect screen that aligns with your requirements.

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"I was truly impressed with the quality of the LED wall and the level of service Simon and his team provided. I'll certainly use them again in the future."

– Richard Walters, Marketing Director, Cutting Edge Innovations