audio visual rentals

Sifi answers your frequently asked questions.

Do you allow customers to choose music?
Do you allow requests at the events?
Do you have professional equipment?
How much experience do you have?
Are you insured?
How do you dress for events?
Do you have backup equipment?
How far do you travel and do you charge anything for travel?
What type of event do you do?
Do you have any recommendations?
Can I come “watch” you perform at a live event?
Do you provide lighting?
What time do you arrive at an event?
Do you provide a microphone for your events?
Do you provide wedding reception planning?
Do I get a written contract for my event?
Who will be my DJ at the event?
Do you require a down payment?
How do I hire you?
Can I pay you by credit card?
Why do I need a DJ at my event?