Atlanta Photo Booth Rental

Let your guests get silly with our fun photo booth.

Brides are generous and want their guests to have a great time. Photo booth rentals is one of the best ways to get your guests out of their chairs and engage in the fun. When your guests aren’t dancing, watch them line up to get their pic taken in Photo booth. We provide props and backdrops that bring out the fun in everyone. Are you looking for Photo booth rental in Atlanta? Atanta photo booths are silly … and it’s wonderful.

Forever reminders of your special day.

Brides always wonder how their reception went by so quickly, and bemoan the fact that they didn’t get to talk to everyone. Photobooths help solve this common dilemma. With Photobooth, you end up with a scrap book of photos of your friends and family having the time of their lives, a perfect compliment to what your photographer can provide. Even more, your guests go home with their own candid pics, thanks to Atlanta Photobooth. What a win/win.

Maximize the entertainment at your next event.

Why limit the fun! Rent the beauty of photo booth:

  • Gets your guests out of their chairs and keeps them engaged in the fun.
  • You get a scrapbook packed with terrific candid pics of your guests.
  • Your guests get great pics to take home with them as a memento.
  • Your reception becomes the wedding party everyone remembers.

Rentals Start at: $795 for 4 hours