Lighting Design

Event Lighting Design

Lighting designed to set the mood.

SiFi specializes in unique, modern and custom wedding DJ and event entertainment. We are here to help and we understand wedding planning can be stressful. At SiFi, we are here to handle every aspect of your entertainment needs for your special day. We will stop at nothing to give you the dream wedding you deserve.

standard dance floor lighting

Standard Dance Floor Lighting.

Basic dance floor lighting that fills the room of colorful beams of light great for small events.

advanced dance floor lighting

Advanced Dance Floor Lighting.

Designed for crowds of up to 300 Guests, this is the next step up in dance floor lighting. This package combines our LED Wash and Laser Beam Lights along with our Laser and Strobe Lighting to make your dance floor explode into action and excitement.

intelligent dance floor lighting

Intelligent Dance Floor Lighting.

The next step up in dance floor lighting. High energy & full motion club style lights to promote a high-energy dance floor at your event! These lights change color, pattern and direction to disburse beams of light over your dance floor. Mounted on backlit trussing these lights are computer programmed and able to change with the click of a button. Add a “light-up” DJ booth or dancing stage to really make it a nightclub!

gobo monogram projections

Gobo Monogram Projection.

High powered lights that project images onto walls, floors or ceilings. Imagine filling these once empty spaces with ambient patterns such as stars, swirls or sparkles. This enhancement really makes your event one of a kind! Add color to the monogram and make this simple enhancement a breathtaking piece of art!

uv glowing black lighting

UV “Glowing” Black Lighting.

UV LED based lighting fixtures that when projected into the crowd will make any thing that is white or fluorescent glow before your eyes! Great for Highlighter, Black and White and Halloween themed events!

dancing under the stars lighting

Bliss “Dancing Under The Stars” Lighting.

Dance the night away under the stars with laser technology! We can create a unique mystical landscape in any room by creating a star field on your ball room ceiling, or specific area in your venue.