5 Atlanta Wedding Secrets of 2020

5 Atlanta Wedding Secrets of 2020

Wedding Secrets of 2020!

Planning an Atlanta wedding for 2020? There’s no better time to get things into motion than the start of a new year! After holidays spent with family and loved ones, we’re often reminded of what truly matters,  which further solidifies our relationships and contagious excitement for what the future has in store. The new year is always a promising time for many, symbolizing new beginnings, habits, and hope. Each of us start out the year inspired and motivated. It’s like our metaphorical ‘clean slate’. In this case, your slate needs room so it can be filled with all the new wedding secrets and trends that are awaiting you in 2019! There are plenty of fresh ideas to incorporate into your plans.

First Wedding Secret of 2020… drum roll please…

Our first wedding secret is the new twist on the much anticipated ‘last dance’. Instead of making it a spectacle, as is the norm, consider kicking out your guests and creating a
private, intimate experience for you and your new spouse.  I know—crazy, right? Except it’s really not that outlandish. Why? Doing this can actually give your guests ample time to get ready for your epic rice, sparkler, or bubbles (whatever floats your wedding-boat) exit. They’ll probably appreciate the romance of the gesture, too.

Onto Wedding Secret Number Two

Have your flowers and grasses dyed.. really? you might ask.. ABSOLUTELY! This is a new wedding trend gaining lots of popularity. You can see photos all over Pinterest displaying the beautiful
use of pampas grasses dyed colors matching flower arrangements. Pampas grass is
becoming a new trend in itself, as well. The results are a delicate, dreamy touch to
compliment your wedding theme.

Let’s Go for Number 3

Another trend we’re seeing spring up is lining the groom’s suit jackets with photos
printed on the fabric. Different, right? It’s not a bad idea, though. Typically, the brides
play a larger part in planning the wedding. Why not give your guy more of a personalized
touch to feel excited about (not that he need another reason to be excited, of course!)?
Stitching engagement photos, or even pictures from their childhood can inspire having a
little more fun with creating their look.

Number 4… yes please!

Something we really like the sound of for 2019 is exchanging wedding vows in private
with your beloved. Saying your vows in front of a whole crowd can be nerve-wracking
and take away from the genuine emotion behind your words. You can still exchange
vows at the ceremony, but consider doing so beforehand behind closed doors. It’s easy to
get caught up in planning everything for the guest experience. However, it’s important to
remember the reason this wedding is even happening—the love you share with your
partner. Don’t let that be lost in the chaos of planning. Make a conscious effort to keep
that purpose front and center throughout the whole event, so that the experience is still for
you two.

Last but Certainly not Least #5

Our last Atlanta wedding secret for 2019 is dedicated to your best friend. No, not that
one—this time we mean your furry one. The idea of personalized pet details is gaining
traction for next year, and we can see why! It’s a cute idea, including pictures of your pet
customized on things like napkins, invitations, and more. Whether they’ll physically bethere on your wedding day or not, weaving your fur baby into the wedding theme is a
great idea for 2019. New year, new wedding trends!


In this exciting time of the year, get your wedding plans going! The sooner you start
brainstorming ways to accommodate the newest wedding trends, the sooner you can relax and
simply enjoy being engaged.