7 Tips for Adapting Your Wedding Plans During COVID-19

7 Tips for Adapting Your Wedding Plans During COVID-19

Have you found yourself stressing out trying to adapt your wedding plans to the recent and ongoing impact of COVID-19?

This pandemic has affected countless lives in many ways. It has obviously thrown off lots of people’s plans, and none have been spared based on rank or importance.

The virus is unbiased to who or what it impedes, and celebrations of love are no exception, unfortunately.

Here are seven tips for adapting your wedding plans like a boss during COVID-19.

  1. This is a great option some fiancés are taking together. You can still have a reception later with all your family and friends once things have finally settled down, but you won’t have to wait to actually marry your beaux! Find a place that is safe to travel to, (make sure their travel restrictions have been lifted) and have a quick romantic getaway that will make you forget about the whole pandemic altogether.

Corona-who, amiright? If you’re impatient to simply be married to your soon-to-be spouse, you can basically have your cake and eat it, too with this option.

  1. Live stream the ceremony! Luckily, we’ve got some amazing technology these days that enables people to do things remotely, and a wedding is no exception.This is a great route to go if money is too tight to elope somewhere extravagant.We get that your ideal wedding image is of you saying your vows in front of all your loved ones. Live streaming lets you do this, but in a perfectly safe way.
  2. Change your perspective. So, you can’t get married exactly when and where you’d planned? You have found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.We know it’s not ideal, but try to focus on that fact. Keep what’s important in mind, and don’t let the inconveniences that Corona Virus has caused get you down.If anything, this is simply a great first test (of many to come) of how you will handle life together as a united partnership.Let that challenge excite you knowing that you can get through anything together. Remember what truly matters here: you’ve found the love of your life.Keep sight of that, and nothing else can bring you down.
  1. Have a special night on the original wedding date. You could get a mini version of your wedding cake made, throw a virtual video party with friends and family, get some champagne, etc. The original date can still have its own special meaning!
  1. Use this opportunity to get creative with your updated Save the Date’s. We’re hearing ideas like concert posters and bright, unforgettable color schemes circulating around. People don’t have much else to do, so you might as well make it fun and even help entertain your invitees! 
  1. Tackle DIY wedding projects you otherwise wouldn’t have had time for. Instead of focusing on the negatives that COVID-19 might be causing, turn your attention to the opportunities! You now likely have more time than usual, so this means putting extra time into your wedding crafts to the tune of welcome signs, party favors, and anything else that Pinterest inspires.
  2. Make sure to research your new venue if you’ve had to change it to a different season. Venues can look vastly different in varying seasons. Don’t neglect to ensure that the new venue still embodies whatever you envisioned.

 The fact is that life is full of curveballs. Although this may feel like bad luck—it is a GIANT curveball, after all—remember that everyone is feeling it in some way or another.

Your reaction to this unexpected obstacle, however, is even more important than the obstacle itself!

Being adaptable will put you ahead of the game every time, whether it’s COVID-19, or any other bump in the road that may happen in your life.

For entertainment as adaptable and chameleon-like as you, contact SiFi Entertainment. Let us take care of making sure everyone still has a great time no matter how you adapt your wedding plans to COVID!