5 Reasons Not to Hire an Old Wedding DJ

5 Reasons Not to Hire an Old Wedding DJ

When you start to plan one of the most important and exciting days of your life, there are a lot of parts to think about from the venue and the dress to the food and the music. With music especially, it’s part of what makes up the whole ambience.
You want your family and friends to enjoy the experience, feel the emotion of the union between you and your soon-to-be spouse, and also have fun.
Therefore, choosing the right DJ matters! Different people have different styles and DJ’s are not different. Depending on their personal preference in music, this can affect the way they perform. Don’t underestimate the power your choice in this matter can have.
Hiring an older DJ can be a mistake for a few different reasons. Read the following list to find out why it might not be the best choice for your special day.
1. He or she may not be up with the current trends. This is the most obvious reason but still a viable one—you want a DJ who knows what people will like, especially you. This day will only happen once between you and your significant other and it needs to be customized to your preferences.

2. An older DJ won’t be able to easy accommodate your crowd. Even if many of your attendees do happen to be older, a younger DJ will be able to find a good middle ground with music.

They’ll know how to mix between recent hits and well-known classics from the most popular generations who attend your wedding. It’s always good to have a DJ that can mesh completely different styles of music well, and effortlessly. Someone who plays what they listen to themselves can be helpful.

3. Younger DJ’s are usually much more tech-savvy. This won’t be 100% true all the time, but it’s very common for younger generations to be quicker with technology, and more up to date with dj-ing equipment. You’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’ve hired someone who is quick and agile with maneuvering everything necessary for optimal sound.

4. A younger DJ will know when to adjust to changes in the mood. For obvious reasons, younger people tend to know more about the club scene. They are going to be more aware of shifts in the crowd’s mood and what to play in order to encourage more people to dance.

Moving things along is important, so playing the right tracks can mean the difference between a full dance floor of people laughing and making great memories, and a vacant floor except a few people trying to dance out of pity for the dying vibe. Once the momentum is lost, it’s not easy to get it back.

5. An older DJ who has lost his touch can struggle to keep perfect timing. Whether it’s a large wedding or a small and simple one, timing is everything. He or she will need to be watching and quickly reacting to the unfolding of events at your wedding. Organization and planning is important, but a lot of it falls onto skill and reaction. Improvisation is something your DJ needs to do well, since events and moods can be unpredictable.

Those are just a few reasons you want to hire a DJ who is up-to-date with everything people love in music. What people hear is one of the most important parts of the environment your wedding will create for you and your attendees. It controls the moods of everyone in the room.
Your wedding day is one you will never forget—you don’t want that memory to be uncomfortable or painful. You want it to be a day filled with fun and great memories, so make the most informed decision possible when you hire your wedding DJ!