5 Ways To Have A Rockstar Wedding

5 Ways To Have A Rockstar Wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, so it’s important to plan the best day possible. While you will remember your wedding the rest of your life, you want your guests to feel the same way – that your wedding was second to none. But just how do you go about planning a rockstar wedding? We’ve listed the Top 5 ways to have a wedding that no one will soon forget!

#1 – Think of Your Wedding Like a Concert


While people may enjoy an opening band, they really came to see the star of the show. At your wedding, you get to play the star with all eyes on you. So remember what main event people are coming to see, your wedding. And while your guests are all there to celebrate the happy event, they don’t want to have to sit in their seats forever. Much like a concert, they want the best of the show, they don’t want songs they don’t know to go on forever. So don’t bore your guests with a long ceremony. Keep it simple, sweet, and short.

#2 – Keep the Wedding About Who You Are


Not too many famous rockstars cover other people’s music, they got to be famous by doing their own thing. Just like them, you and your fiancee are one of a kind, so remember to be true to yourselves. If you like an old fashioned wedding, keep it in a church. If you like more contemporary, have that reflected in the setting or venue. Just be true to yourself.

#3 – Give Your Guests a Gift


There’s nothing better than having a reminder of what a great time you had at a concert, like a t-shirt or some other token of the night. Your wedding isn’t much different. When you give your guests a gift to remember the occasion with they will look at it with fond memories of the great time they had. It can be something as simple as a small party favor if you’re on a budget or something more elaborate like letting each table take the flower decorations home with them. They will likely remember your wedding for a long time each time they glance at their gift.

#4 – Make Sure Your Guests Have Fun


Take time to consider how your wedding will feel to your guests. Will they be sitting in chairs all day long or will they be able to get up and dance the night away? Remember what it’s been like for you at weddings and be courteous to your guests. Show them a good time. And don’t forget to let the guests know what to expect. If they will be dancing for hours on end, they will want to wear good shoes, so no surprises when it comes to having fun and being comfortable.

#5 – Don’t Offer Heavy Foods

Wedding DJ

When you’re planning the wedding, consider the foods that you will have available to your guests. Heavy foods like pasta can cause people to feel full and less energetic. You don’t want a DJ playing great dance music but no one is able to dance because they’re so full. So think on the lighter side but make sure it tastes great.

When you incorporate these five suggestions, you’re guaranteed to have a rockstar wedding that your guests won’t soon forget!