7 Top Wedding Trends of 2017

7 Top Wedding Trends of 2017

A Wedding day is the day of love, where two souls become one. Every couple wants their wedding day to be special, whether you are hopeless romantic or a humorist. Everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends to make their day memorable. Here are the Top Seven Wedding trends of 2017.

Wedding Dresses with cape

Wedding dress Is really important for the bride. If you want to be unique and special, then wedding Dresses with cape have been all over the fashion week this year. Whether it Sheer or laced, wedding capes provide stunning look and doesn’t hide any detail of the dress.

Translucent Cakes

Tired of eating a frosting cake on every wedding that you went to and you want to do something different. Then translucent cake is the best option, translucent cake is the next big thing in cakes. They are also known as naked cakes having a thin layer of frosting and showing the cake as well. These delicious cakes can be the best way to show off at your wedding.

Natural Décor

If you are not a fan of having a wedding outside in the lawn but you love the greenery. This year wedding halls having a natural effect are at the top of the wedding trends. The trees are placed inside the halls the tables are decorated with flower and it all gives the effects of nature.

Wedding DJs

Music plays an essential role in wedding. Wedding DJ’s are on the rise for the wedding this year rather than the normal bands. Wedding DJ makes the most of your wedding but it’s important to hire a professional wedding DJ. Atlanta Wedding DJ provides the best professional DJ’s for your unforgettable day.

Dessert Table

Dessert table are the hottest new wedding trend. This is a great way to show your wedding cake as well. This gives the opportunity to offer a variety of desserts rather than just one slice of cake. Guests will always enjoy having multiple desserts and chatting up with other at the table. It’s a treat for the children. Dessert table helps a lot in financial savings for the couple.

Light Up Your Wedding

Having your wedding in the evening is becoming more popular this year. Lighting up the whole place can have better effect than flowers. Intimate lighting options are getting more popular in weddings such as candelabras, delicate string lights, tons of tea lights, and luminarias will serve as main lighting sources. Lighting up chairs and tables can be very pleasing. But this can be expensive as lights don’t come in cheap.

7: Paper Flowers

Flowers shows the intimacy in the wedding and paper flowers are of a hot trend in 2017. Paper flowers are cheap and exquisite for weddings. Paper flowers are always available in multicolor and there is always a huge range of paper flowers as they are made for every occasion. A wall of paper flowers can be perfect for your wedding booth.