How to Look 10 Pounds Lighter in Your Wedding Photos

How to Look 10 Pounds Lighter in Your Wedding Photos

How to Look 10 Pounds Lighter in Your Wedding Photos

 One thing all brides have in common is that they want to look great on their wedding day. Not only do they want to look great, but there’s nothing worse than looking back on pictures where you feel you don’t look your best. You’ll likely have your wedding photos out on display for years to come, so make the most of those photos by looking at least 10 pounds lighter. Listed below are some tips you can follow to look better and be proud to show all your friends and family.

 #1 – Remember to Eat Healthy and Drink Plenty of Water

 The last couple of weeks before the wedding are stressful and can be really packed with all those last minute details. Although you’re rushing around, don’t fall for the quick fix and hit the drive-thru of the local fast food chain. Fast food has incredibly high amounts of salt which can lead to water retention, making your body swell up. Sugar can do the same thing and cause your face to look fuller than it should. So eat healthy and drink lots of water to cleanse out your system.

 #2 – Look Up to Your Photographer

 Most photographers have tricks they use to get the best photos, but it never hurts to make your own suggestions. Make sure to ask for a couple of poses in which you are looking up at your photographer. The photographer can stand on a chair or some steps above you. What this does is stretch out the neck, creating an illusion that you’re thinner than you are.

 #3 – Consider the Colors

 Colors can create an illusion all by themselves. Black makes us look thinner while white makes us look heavier. Since men traditionally wear black tuxedos and women are often wearing big white dresses, the bride can seem much heavier than the groom. Consider having the groom wear a lighter color or even the bride going with an off white or pastel which isn’t as prominent. The deep black and white contrast in colors is what will show up in the photos, and a bride can easily look 10 pounds heavier than she should with such a contrast.

 #4 – Forget the Foreground

 Photographers often like to play with poses and do what they can to create fun, loving photos. However, some photographers will have the groom take a knee and have the bride sit on it, or something like that. Although it’s a cute pose, it puts the bride closer to the camera lens making her look bigger while the groom looks normal. Avoid shots like this in which the bride is closer to the camera.

When it comes to looking 10 pounds lighter in your wedding photos, all it really takes is being good to your body for the few weeks leading up to it and understanding a little about colors and placement. Good photographers should understand posing to ensure the best photos possible, but the more you know the more you can suggest. When you look 10 pounds lighter, you’ll be proud to put your photos on display for everyone to see.