7 Tips for Adapting Your Wedding Plans During COVID-19

7 Tips for Adapting Your Wedding Plans During COVID-19 Have you found yourself stressing out trying to adapt your wedding plans to the recent and ongoing impact of COVID-19? This pandemic has affected countless lives in many ways. It has obviously thrown off lots of people’s plans, and none have been spared based on rank or importance. The virus is unbiased to who or what it impedes, and ... [Continue Reading]

Why Cheap DJs Will Ruin Your Wedding

Hiring a cheap DJ for your wedding can have serious pitfalls. It’s understandable to want to save money, but the DJ is not the place to cut corners!Music is arguably the most important part of a wedding because it basically creates the whole ambience. The emcee is a critical factor, too. They don’t simply put on a playlist—they set the tone of the wedding.They are the person who should be smoothly ... [Continue Reading]

7 Best Atlanta Wedding Venues

Planning An Atlanta Wedding ? If you’ve gotten as far as searching for the perfect venue, you might be unsure of how to filter through the choices. After all, there are many beautiful Atlanta venues to choose from, and lots of them have great attributes to consider. To make it easier for you, we’ve listed the seven best Atlanta Wedding Venues we’ve found, and the reasons you should consider ... [Continue Reading]

5 Best Intimate Wedding Venues in Atlanta

Not every bride dreams of a big wedding. For many women, a small intimate crowd of close friends and family is all they want to share in their special day. If that’s your idea of the perfect wedding, we’ve listed the 5 Best Intimate Wedding Venues in Atlanta below. Just because you’re going small, doesn’t mean you have compromise in taste or beauty. These 5 locations are all different, yet each ... [Continue Reading]