5 Crucial Atlanta Wedding Planning Tips

5 Crucial Atlanta Wedding Planning Tips

Atlanta Weddings Can Sometimes Be Overwhelming .

There are so many options you have to take into consideration when you’re planning to get married in this beautiful, growing city.
The first thing that can be stressful to deal with is the unpredictable weather. Atlanta is known for having random weather patterns, so it can be difficult trying to pick a time of the year to have your special day. Getting as specific as which week in the month is crucial. One week in May could be beautiful and sunny, while the next week (or even the next day) can be cold and rainy. It makes no sense, but it’s a factor to keep in mind with your Atlanta wedding planning .Something else to remember is location.

Best-Wedding DJ

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Why You Need To Make Sure Your Guest Are Not Late

Atlanta has become infamous lately for the lack of transportation options due to crazy incidents and infrastructure issues. Try to make sure that the venue you choose for you wedding isn’t in a particularly difficult location. The last thing you want is for your guests to be arriving late or having to deal with heavy traffic on their route. You’ll want this event to be anticipated, not dreaded. When choosing your wedding venue, consider hotels in Atlanta for the reception. It will be easy to access them from the airport, so the location would probably be ideal.The popular trend right now is houses in the suburbs or rural areas, but using a hotel as a venue instead can actually save time and money.

Wedding Locations:

Besides, Atlanta hotels are beautiful. The locations will be ideal for your guests from out-of-town if they want to see some city sites while in Atlanta, and it also means only having to travel somewhere else for the ceremony. On top of that, hotel venues can provide safety for drinking guests. There would be no reason to drink and drive when they can simply go upstairs to their rooms! A wedding DJ is extremely important as it’s your main source of entertainment.

Discounted Rates:

Also, remember to negotiate discounted rates for groups needing transportation. You can set up deals with rental car services or hotels to accommodate out-of-town guests needing travel assistance.For the dressing room, consider booking a suite for just this purpose. Some venues have dressing rooms built-in, but they may be too small if everyone in the bridal party wants to get ready together. Booking a typical guest room may also leave your feeling too cramped.

Bachelorette Party:

Atlanta has some amazing restaurants and nightlife, so planning your bachelorette party will be both easy and difficult. It might be hard to choose which places to go at night to have a great time! Atlanta is known for its great food accommodations, so you’ll have plenty of choices there, too. Consider places on tourist lists for “most popular restaurants in Atlanta,” etc. That way your out-of-towners can get a taste of known Atlanta cuisine.Take these tips into consideration, try not to stress too much over details, and enjoy planning your beautiful southern wedding in Atlanta!