Top 4 Wedding Trends in 2016

Top 4 Wedding Trends in 2016

When it comes to weddings, every couple has a vision of what they want. Some couples want a traditional wedding, like their parents or grandparents might have had. Others opt for incorporating all the latest trends. If you and your fiancé decide on the latter of the two, here’s a list of the Top 4 Wedding Trends for 2016:


#1 – The Dress 

Gone are the days of a white wedding with the only splash of color being the flowers and bows. This year, brides are going for more color in the dress and wearing everything from soft peach and pink colors to black. Yes, black. This trend was started by famous wedding dress designers like Vera Wang and Lela Rose.

 Another trend is floral print weddings dresses from designers like Naeem Khan and Elizabeth Fillmore. Soft, single colored pastels to multiple colored bouquets on the actual dress can match the bouquet or flowers decorating the venue.

 The last trend for bridal wear is white suits, for the bride, not the groom. Designers like Caroline Herrera and Pamella Roland are leading the way in white suits that look feminine and masculine all at once. It seems that anything goes nowadays, and brides just need to feel confident in their choice.

 #2 – Metallic Colors

 In the past, brides would typically choose a favorite color to accompany everything from the flowers to the table decorations. While this tradition can help a wedding to feel personal, what about those brides who love gold and silver? Well, now they have the option of including metallic colors into their wedding as well. For classy weddings, a simple addition of gold or silver to a bouquet, table decorations, or even foil invitations means guests will leave impressed.

 Florists who follow wedding trends understand how a simple addition of metallic can really bring attention to a bouquet. The same is true for table decorations. Adding gold or silver is a trend that may not go away anytime soon.

 #3 – Local, Organic Foods

 The more people learn about the importance of organic and local food, the more it shows up everywhere from restaurants to cafes. Another option, and one that is going to be popular this year is local, organic foods for wedding guests. Using local food not only supports local farmers, but it requires less energy to transport it. It can help to showcase the many options an area or region offers, as well. Organic is considered healthier by most people because there are no pesticides used on the crops.


#4 – Keeping the Guests in One Place

 It used to be that weddings were traditionally held in the church and then guests would travel to another location for the reception. This was due in part to many churches not having enough room to hold a reception where there was enough room for dancing and food. But times have changed and people are opting to have the wedding and reception at the same location. Not only does this save the guests from having to change locations, but everything can be conveniently located in one place for the bridal party.