Top 5 2016 Wedding Trends

Top 5 2016 Wedding Trends

Top 5 2016 Wedding Trends


When it comes to weddings, there have been traditions that have lasted for generations. Even the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ is still popular and used regularly. However, brides and grooms have always longed for their wedding to be special and to incorporate some of the latests styles and trends. If you’re looking for the latest in wedding trends, look no further. Here’s a list of the Top Wedding Trends for 2016:


#1 – Incorporating the Courtship

 Every couple has their own story to tell, whether they met at the train station or were sitting next to each other in a classroom. Couples have started to include these types of memories into the wedding, since it has played such a big part in their lives. Maybe the first date was to a basketball game? Couples can share the love by using fun and unique decorations that bring back memories of cheering for their favorite teams while dating. Couples who may have adopted a dog or cat together can incorporate their love for animals with small decorations of their beloved pet throughout the venue. Maybe the first few times they went out it was raining? Umbrellas can tastefully bring back those special memories.


#2 – Metallic Palettes

 Metallic colors add a special ‘splash’ to most wedding colors. Whether the metallics are in the bridesmaid dresses, a touch added in the bouquet, or metallic accents on all the tables, it’s an elegant way to bring a sophisticated look to the wedding. Depending on the couple’s taste, metallic can be added just about anywhere. Whether the couple decides to add just a dash of metallic or depend on it for a main color, it will bring a special sparkle to the wedding and reception.


#3 – Changing Up the Dessert

 Most weddings wouldn’t feel complete without a wedding cake to top the event off. However, many couples realize that cake isn’t for everyone. For 2016, it’s okay to expand the dessert menu to include any of the bride or grooms favorites, from fudge to ice cream to chocolate mousse. There really is no limit to how expansive the dessert table can be.


#4 – Mismatched Dresses for the Bridesmaids

 Any woman who has been a bridesmaid can tell you, not every woman looks great in the same dress. So for brides who want their bridesmaids to feel their best, they are choosing a color and letting the bridesmaids find the perfect dress to compliment their body type and size. The wedding attire still looks coordinated since the colors all match, but each bridesmaid will look her best. Chances are, if a bridesmaid gets to pick out her own dress, she’ll be likely to wear it more than just the one time.


#5 – Less Formal Dinners

 Gone are the days of needing to know what fork to use. Wedding couples are now opting to have less formal dinners, such as more buffet styles which are serve yourself. Guests get to enjoy or try a range of foods and take just what they want. Depending on the bride and groom, these buffets can be coordinated or not. If it’s a seaside beach wedding, serving seafood would be a great choice. A mountain wedding can be different types of salads and steak. The choices are virtually endless.


Putting together the perfect wedding while incorporating some trends for 2016 can be easy. Making the wedding your own will make the day that much more memorable for years to come.