5 Wedding Day Secrets

5 Wedding Day Secrets   No matter how much you’re looking forward to the big day, weddings can be stressful. It has probably seemed like a whirlwind of activity since the day you first said “Yes.” From choosing the perfect dress to exploring the perfect romantic honeymoon spots, there’s been little time to actually enjoy just being engaged. But when you understand these 5 Wedding Day Secrets, ... [Continue Reading]

Atlanta Weddings

Wedding receptions have been around as long as weddings have. Receptions are a time for fun and celebration of the marriage, and for starting the marriage off right with friends and family. No matter whether you have decided to have a traditional formal wedding at a church or a quick ceremony at the courthouse, the reception doesn’t have to mimic the wedding. You can be as formal or as crazy as ... [Continue Reading]

Why Most Wedding DJS Suck

Why Most Wedding DJs Aren’t Worth the Money Most little girls grow up dreaming of an amazing wedding, and rightly so. It’s one of the most important days of their lives. They spend time envisioning the perfect man, the perfect dress, and the perfect reception afterwards. When a dream wedding comes together and has had every detail planned out, it can be a night to remember forever. So choosing ... [Continue Reading]

DJ Value – Investing to Get Your Money’s Worth

DJ Value - Investing to Get Your Money’s Worth When it comes to entertaining, nothing can get the party started quite like music can. Music has been a part of human history for thousands of years. Darwin thought it originated as a way to woo potential mates, while other researchers think it may have helped to form a type of bond or ‘social glue’ between people. Whatever the reason, music brings ... [Continue Reading]